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Drop Your Pants!
And Never Do Laundry Again.

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Don’t wash and fold another load! The average family spends 9 hours a week washing laundry. Who has time for laundry with our busy schedules these days?  Let Laundry Diva do the work for you and get more time with your family.

We’re a full-service, eco-friendly laundry pickup and delivery service providing wash-and-fold and dry cleaning, to Baton Rouge area and surrounding parishes. With prices starting at $2.25 a pound, we’ve got laundry solutions for your busy life.

Just put those pants in a bag and give us a call. We’ll pick them up, sort, separate, wash, dry, fluff and fold, organize, stack, pack, and deliver in just two days. Try us once, and you’ll get it. We’ll even throw in a big, tough laundry bag for free with your first pickup!

Get 25lbs of Laundry for $45.

What laundry weighs give or take:

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Diva Services

Call or Text (225) 614-1326

Price Per Pound

Our wash-and-fold rate is just $2.25 per pound for a 2-day turnaround time (rush available on request), with a minimum load of 25 pounds. * $5 fee for pickup and $5 fee if using our laundry bags

Never Do Laundry AGAIN!  Laundry Diva Will Change Your Life.

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Dry Cleaning

No more hassle driving to drop off & pick up your own dry-cleaning. Laundry Diva picks up your dry cleaning & we’ll take it from there. Pricing varies, minimum pick up order is 15 pieces, call for quote.

Dry Cleaning is delivered 3 days from pick up.  Laundry Diva will change your life.

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Gift Ideas

Everyone has laundry and never anytime to do it! Let Laundry Diva be your gift idea for Birthdays, Mother's Day, Anniversaries, Holidays or just because. Gift Cards start at $35 and go up from there. Purchase Here!

Give someone laundry freedom!  Laundry Diva will change their life.

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How IT works

Step 1. Call or Text (225) 614-1326 For Help!

Laundry backed up? Got soccer practice, PTA meetings, or you just want a Sunday Funday instead of doing laundry? No Worries! Laundry Diva is here to help.

Step 2. Bag It Up

Laundry Diva will pick it up and drive it to our Diva Washing Center where laundry woes are silenced by our Super Diva Team. Just let us know about any special instructions or needs. Then check it off your list and spend more time with family.

Step 3. Angels Singing

You know what I’m talking about. That moment in your head where you hear the most beautiful Diva Angel voices singing because it looks heavenly and you didn’t have to do the work! 

Step 4. Rinse and Retweet!

Wash your hands of laundry forever!  Set up weekly, biweekly, or monthly pickup and delivery, and then go enjoy life. Then feel free to share us on your social networks with all of your new spare time!

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